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Dental Strategies

Go to the dentist like a boss…

This glamorous dental clinic was designed and built by Norman Díaz. The project is located in Mexico City (Colonia Roma).

Creating it was a big challenge since it was done in a little less than 2 months. The interior was renovated 100% adapting a regular office space into a medical/dental space. This required demolishing walls, and primarily setting up all the required installations: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Air Compressors, X-rays and Data wire circuits.

The furniture is custom made, not only to have an elegant look but to make the Dentist work more clean and efficient. Every door and drawer is open with one touch and closed in the same way avoiding pull outs. Allowing the Dentist to keep his hands hygienic and free at all times.

We installed a monitor in the ceiling to let you (The patient) watch your favorite TV show or news while you are getting your dental work done. You can also sync your smart phone with this monitor in order to have control of all the features on your mobile device (Emails, Social Media, Games). Many might think as a luxury to have a monitor placed in the ceiling, and yes maybe it is. But the real reason is to sync the monitor with a dental camera and X-ray to show the patient what’s going on in his/her mouth.