Norman Diaz | Techno-Formatura


Techno-Formatura is a gestural user interface for 3D modeling and digital fabrication.

Recent advancements in creative technologies allow architects, designers and inventors to develop and print almost any shape and many types of products. Unfortunately, only people who are deeply trained in 3D modeling software have the ability to work in this way. While the implication for the future is that the average person may be able to “print” a toaster for themselves, this won’t be the case tomorrow. Until then, designers still bridge object and consumer. That said, there is also a great opportunity for designer and end user to collaborate in a digital environment.

Techno-Formatura combines these technologies to integrate consumers/users into the product design process in a concrete and creative way. Using a simple gesture-based interface, laypeople are able to manipulate, reshape and print a digital 3D parametrically designed object without any knowledge of industrial design or design software utility. The platform’s interface relies on 3D Max Studio, Maya, Rhino, Grasshoper, Firefly, Arduino and a Kinect sensor.